If I Waged a War on Women…


There is a cultural war on women today. It is ideological in nature and it is stripping women of respect and integrity.

There is a cultural war on women occurring today. It is ideological in nature and it is stripping women of respect and integrity. It is not born of traditional Biblical values, as some believe, but, in fact, it is the mentality of feminism with which the devil and the world is successfully denigrating women. If I were the devil and I wanted to win this cultural war on women, here is what I would do:

1. First, I would make her believe that she is just another rung on the evolutionary ladder; just another link in the Darwinian chain.

No soul. No higher purpose. Just another animal. But the kicker for women, in this Darwinian scenario, is that there is no explanation for her existence. Unlike the account she has believed for millenniums about the fact that she crowned God’s creation, I would make her believe she was just a fluke somewhere in the billions of years of coincidences and mistakes that made life what it is today. Right off the bat, I would rip away that notion that she has eternal significance.

2. I would make sure I started early to make her “look” cheap.

I would put little outfits in the stores that were composed of mini-skirts and halter tops, and I would start in size 2T. I would make it expensive to dress a little girl like a little girl. I would make the transition, in apparel, from little girl to worldly woman a very short leap.

3. I would get her used to hearing demeaning terms and sexual innuendos about women even in childhood.

I would get her in front of the television as often as possible. I would make her think that drinking and partying were the real “stuff” of happiness. I would want her to play video games where the cartoon women are always scantily clad, provocative and brash. Then, I would play all this up in her real world the first chance I got. I would want her to think wearing a tiny cheer uniform and moving her body provocatively was cool—even respectable. I would want her to have dance lessons, play volleyball in her panties or be on a running team or a swim team where the expected dress was almost nothing. I would want her to have holes in her jeans in the places where cheap attention could be drawn to her body. This is an important part of what I would do to make her forget the intrinsic value of her soul.

4. I would target her heroines.

I would make the most important women in the country the rudest and the most immoral. I would make the heroines of the entertainment and political world trashy. I would make the top songs that women hear on the radio tout fornication, homosexuality, and masturbation. This would help me drain the very souls of younger women of purpose and positive influence.

5. I would make her believe she is dispensable by telling her that you do not even need a woman anymore to have a marriage and a family.

Based on that lie, I would tell her that, in fact, womanhood is not even reserved for those who are born as girls. The female identity is easily taken by anyone who wants it… It is easy for Bruce to be Katelyn. All it takes is a change of wardrobe and a few hormones. Gender is not really a sacred assignment after all.

6. I would make her unashamed of the objectification of womanhood that is the largest entertainment venue in the world today.

In fact, I would want her to go on and join the ranks of those who objectify people. I would want her to enjoy pornographic movies and books. What better way to take away the dignity of women in our culture than to have them clamoring by the millions to the vile and cheap?

7. I would try to legalize the killing of life within her womb.

I would so mix up her sense of logic that I would make her believe it is emancipating to let doctors come inside her womb and suction out the life that is dependent on her for survival. I would take her sense of values to the very lowest possible point and convince her to be okay with selling the life that has her chromosomes, her hair color, her skin pigmentation and, yes, his or her own beating heart. I would get her to have no conscience at all about the person who is being ripped apart. I would somehow make her think she is becoming more of a woman when she allows a violation of that magnitude to occur in her womb.

8. I would make her believe her value lies in some numerical figure on a pay stub.

I would make her believe that true success can be counted in dollars and cents and that her intrinsic value is dependent on her ability to bring home the bacon. I would not forget to build short maternity leave into job benefits and to build lots of day cares near, or in, her work sites. I would try to normalize career pursuits in all situations. In fact, I might try and make women who were not career-minded seem lazy and worthless by comparison.

9. I would try to remove from her psyche any maternal tugs.

If she ever starts to cry when she has to leave that tiny baby for the first day back at work, I would make her think, “Ah, this is just normal. All moms go through this healthy week of detaching from children. I need to get past this post-birth weepiness and be productive.” If her kids are getting sick a lot at daycare, I would want her to justify her choices by thinking, “Oh, this will be good for them in the long run…you know…build up their immunities.” In this step-by-step rationalization of dissonance in the plan, I would slowly get her to stop feeling the tugs. Further, I would get her to make investments and mortgages—I would get her to buy things. I would get her in debt to the plan that is silencing her maternal nature. I would do this until she could not answer the cries even if she heard them.

10. Finally, I would give her applause for superficial things.

I would give her pats on the back and I would make good, but deceived, women go, with a vengeance, after those who would call women back to the heart of womanhood. I would make the cheapening, the immodesty, the override of the maternal impulses—all that—very politically correct. I would make any reference to Scriptures about submission or keeping the home seem terribly antiquated. In fact, I would make the phrase “role of women” sound very oppressive and shockingly outdated.

So, this is how I would wage a war on women. I would take away the legacy of faith. If I wanted to rob women of dignity, I would make them set, as their standards, the cheap, the undressed, the immoral.  I would dirty their minds with pornography and their hands with deceit. I would make them say “abortion” when they mean “murder”; “tolerance” when they mean “approval”; “love” when they mean “lust.” I would mix up their terminology and then tempt them into thinking that the primary purpose of life is self-fulfillment. I would make them believe that truth for their lives and homes is not objective but “lies within themselves”. All in all, I would go for their hearts.

The current war on women is not from the political right or from the religions of the Middle East. The war on women today is from hell. The devil is taking the spoils. He offers a mess of pottage that is temporarily filling in exchange for the goodness that has characterized great women from the dawn of time. May we look to the Word of God for value and for the power to resist the devil’s relentless attack on women.