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Here are some ways to help our ministry to fill the Earth of the knowledge of the Lord (Isaiah 11:9).


We deeply believe in the power of prayer. James wrote that “[t]he effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (5:16); how much more the prayer of hundreds (or thousands) of righteous people on behalf of EB Global? Although you may never help us in a different way, we will always deeply appreciate your prayer on behalf of our ministry.


EB Global is possible thanks to the help of generous congregations and individuals who love the work of the Lord and know the relevance of our ministry for the growth and expansion of the Gospel. The congregation that oversees our work is the Dalraida Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama. All contributions are sent to this congregation, and thus, they are tax exempt. If you are ready to financially help us, write your check to Dalraida church of Christ, and add in the memo space: “EB Global Work.” Send your check to:

Dalraida church of Christ
Attn: EB Global
3740 Atlanta Hwy.
Montgomery, AL 36109

If you need more information, or want to receive our monthly report in English, please, contact us here.


If you are just a casual visitor of our Web, take a few seconds to subscribe here to our bimonthly updates with your name, last name, and e-mail address; this will give you access to additional materials. Our purpose is to take the message of salvation to the greatest number of people; we are interested in your soul, and we would like for you to be one of our regular visitors.


Although we are happy for you to subscribe to our updates, our publications will not be able to benefit your spiritual life if you do not take some time to read them. A person may think that he does not need to read a particular article (in our update), but his opinion may change while he reads the article. Also, a person may not need to read a specific article, but someone else may need it; reading it will help that person to share the knowledge and teaching of this article with others.

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If you have a website or blog that is relevant to our work, then, consider to add a hyperlink to our site and materials. You can add a link to both—our English and Spanish sections of our site; your readers will thank you!

If you need a brief Spanish note to add to your page, copy and paste the following:

  • Si necesita materiales en español para el estudio y la enseñanza bíblica, visite [Translation: If you need Spanish materials for Bible study and teaching, visit]


Even great projects need some promotion every now and then. You can promote our work by sharing articles in other websites, social sites, etc. If you have a radio or TV program, recommend EB Global. You can promote our site in your local newspaper. You can include our domain address in the information of your business card or in your signatures for electronic messages.

Get Involved

Get actively involved by encouraging others to subscribe to our updates, or you can personally subscribe your contacts here. EB Global frequently introduces some ideas, projects, and promotions for the participation of its readers. When those projects are introduced, do not hesitate to provide your active participation.


Although we can suggest what you need to read, only you know what you really need to read. Send us a message suggesting the subject(s) you want to read. Send us an encouraging message to “recharge” our spirits to continue working. If our material is blessing your life, you may want to stop to bless ours. (To send a comment, click here.)

Thank you for being an important and main part of EB Global’s work!

Moisés Pinedo