Terms of Use

Aiming to assure uninterrupted access to our materials, as well as to protect the rights of organizations that allow us the translation of their materials, EB Global includes the following conditions:

Authorized Use

  1. The user may print and distribute the printed material, as long as the distribution and use are strictly free and without alteration.
  2. Online publication up to three (3) articles authored by the editor (Moisés Pinedo) is permitted. (These articles do not require download, and exclude materials in PDF, audio, video and other special formats.) The material is to be published with all inherent attachments (author name, tables, references and notes), without edition, and must include a hyperlink to the original article in EB Global. (EB Global includes stock pictures that are not to be copied or used. This permission is only for the text.)
  3. Online publication up to three (3) outlines is permitted—as long as the conditions in the previous point are fulfilled.

Unauthorized Use

  1. Alteration and/or editing of material are prohibited in any way—whether in electronic or printed form.
  2. Commercial distribution or sale of our materials is prohibited, as well as the inclusion of our materials in articles for sale and promotions.
  3. Electronic storage and distribution of our material are prohibited. EB Global may make some corrections and/or updates to its online content. Printing the material at the moment that is needed assures access to the most recent copy of the material.
  4. Online publication of any materials not written by Moisés Pinedo is prohibited. EB Global does not own permission for republication from other writers. For authorized publication of three (3) articles and outlines, see points 2 and 3 under previous subtitle.
  5. Electronic relocation on other sites or electronic media of pictures and illustrations on our site is completely prohibited—whether these pictures are part of our content or part of our photo database for subscribers.
  6. Extraction of any attachment of our materials for personal or commercial use is prohibited. Although EB Global has permission to include third-party photos, graphics and illustrations, does not own the rights for such arts. Extraction of those arts infringes the rights of the original creators.
  7. Electronic distribution of exclusive materials for subscribers to those who are not part of our subscription list is prohibited.

If you have any additional questions that are not covered by these terms, please, contact us here.