Authors Biographies


Moisés Pinedo has been a preacher and a Spanish translator for several years. He has translated and written full-time for Apologetics Press and House to House. He has also done translation work for World Video Bible School, Gospel Advocate, and Publishing Designs, as well as personal translation and evangelistic work in mission fields in South America. He currently serves as the editor and a writer for E.B. Global. Moisés is married to an elder’s daughter (Kimberley), and they have three girls: Melanie, Ella, and Kelsey.


E.B. Global includes the writings and Spanish translations of several well-known authors in the brotherhood (we will soon include a short biography):

  • Dewayne Bryant
  • Kyle Butt
  • Frank Chesser
  • Caleb Colley
  • Glenn Colley
  • Roby Ellis
  • Jerry Fausz
  • Barry Grider
  • Andrew Hallenbeck
  • Paul Holland
  • Wayne Jackson
  • Eric Lyons
  • Branyon May
  • Dave Miller
  • Jeff Miller
  • John Moore
  • Bob Prichard
  • Louis Rushmore
  • Allen Webster


Our Spanish section also includes the writings of some women authors as Sheila Butt, Cindy Colley, Sue Rhineheimer, Bonnie Rushmore, and Nancy Wheat.