Guys, What Are Your Plans?


As we prepare for the future, let’s be sure we follow God His way. Let’s create a vision and goal, keeping our eyes on Jesus.

There is something vaguely eerie about the future. I think it’s because the future combines many fears into one. We fear it like we fear the dark because we don’t know what moves in it. We fear it like we fear a fierce animal because of the harm it could cause us. We fear it like we fear a thunderstorm because of how it makes us feel powerless. But what if I told you this isn’t what God intends for His people?

As guys, there are many things that weigh on us as we consider all that may come to pass. We want to have wives, kids, families, but that leaves us with lots to think about! How can we ever be ready? Thankfully, there are some simple things God tells us that can help us look to the future with excitement!

First, we must start with humility.

Guys, let’s be honest, we all struggle with pride. It’s the part of us that desires to feel in control of things. But when it comes to the future, we need to trust in God to shape it best. Whenever we start planning for the future, we should start by giving our wills to God. Even Jesus Christ did this in Matthew 26:39, as He was willing to hand over the unknown to God and let Him control it.

Second, we need to realize the power prayer has to shape our futures.

God isn’t some tyrant who holds you pinned to some prewritten story of your life; rather, He’s a God Who is writing the story with you now. He gives you a voice in the things that will come to pass and wants you to have a voice in what your future may hold. Spend time every day praying to God and giving Him your requests, vision, and hopes. Talk to Him, and He will listen.

It was through prayer that Moses was able to accomplish incredible feats (Exodus 32; Numbers 11), Samuel saved a nation (1 Samuel 12,15), and Amos helped design the future of Israel (Amos 7). What can your prayers do? They all prayed with a vision in mind, and God used it to help shape the events. Take time today, even right now, and write down all you want to accomplish, all that you dream. Let God be a part of your vision and aspirations.

Third, we shouldn’t stress over what we can’t control but focus on what we can.

Preparation is key for what comes tomorrow. Consider the story of Jesus and the five thousand. In this story, Jesus and His apostles were faced with a seemingly impossible situation—thousands of starving people and no food. You can only imagine the ridiculous looks that were given when Andrew walked up to Jesus and handed Him a couple of pieces of bread and a fish relish (John 6:9). But that was what Jesus needed to satisfy everyone there.

Make choices like Andrew. Bring all you can to God and let Him work wonders through it. Save your money, acquire knowledge, and prepare all you can. Someday, you might find yourself in a similar situation as Andrew… What will you give Jesus?

As we prepare for the future, let’s be sure we’re willing to follow God His way. Let’s create a vision and goal and bring them to our ever-listening Father. Let’s bring Him everything we can and stand back to let Him work. And above all else, let’s keep our eyes and dreams fixated on Jesus.