About EB Global

EB Global (Spanish initials for Global “Bible Focus”) is a religious and educational ministry that began in July 2010 (Spanish only), and that is affiliated with the churches of Christ (Romans 16:16). EB Global’s mission is to spread globally the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since the beginning of this ministry, we have strived to be a trustworthy and scripturally sound source for Bible students and Gospel preachers; this is our perpetual commitment to God and our readers. EB Global is under the oversight of the elders of the Dalraida church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama.

During these years, our website has become one of the main resources for the Hispanic brotherhood in Latin America and the world; and thanks to God and the generosity of some congregations and individuals, we are starting to offer printed materials. Although our English effort is just starting, we pray that the Lord will allow the same benefits to the English-speaking brotherhood. Take a few minutes to “test us” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). We are confident that you will be glad you did.

Moisés Pinedo