Help Us Produce and Distribute More Spanish Materials

EB Global started as an online ministry in 2010, but since July 2014, some of our tracts have been printed thanks to the generous donations of congregations and individuals. Since that time, EB Global has sent thousands of tracts for free in the U.S. and overseas.

We understand that there is a great need of good quality and sound biblical materials within the Hispanic brotherhood, and we are committed to provide for this need. We are an organization with no lucrative goal, and none of our materials are offered for sale. We depend on donations to continue to produce and distribute materials. All donations are sent to the congregation that oversees our work, and are used for printing purposes.

If you would like to help us, write your check to Dalraida church of Christ, and add in the memo space: “EB Global Work.” Send your check to:

Dalraida church of Christ
Attn: EB Global
3740 Atlanta Hwy.
Montgomery, AL 36109

Do you need some reasons to help EB Global? Read some our readers feedback here. If you are one of our donors and would like to receive our monthly report, let us know here.

Here is the list of printed materials available so far (with your help, we can print and ship more materials):

  • The Best Book Ever Written (tract)
  • Inadequate Salvation (tract)
  • What Would God Do for Just One Soul? (tract)
  • Is the Bible Inspired By God? (tract)
  • Was Jesus a Real Person? (tract)