Readers Feedback

Thanks to God Almighty for this efficient ministry for His work and His people. May God continue to give you wisdom and the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Congratulations. —Susana García, Federal District, Mexico

Greetings and blessing from our heavenly Father. I am greatly thankful for the valuable work you do for the Lord. I pray for God to continue to give success to this wonderful ministry. It has been a source of edification for me and the church of Christ in Mesa. Thanks. —Jahan Gavidia, Merida, Venezuela

Dear brethren, I greet you in the name of the Lord. I would like to thank you for the materials you put in our disposal; it has been a great blessing to the church and friends with whom I share the Word of God. Paul instructed to thank God in everything, thus I would like to thank Him for you. I hope this is a motivation for you to continue to strive to proclaim the Gospel through this means. God bless you. —Jorge Rodríguez, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

When I first found E.B. online, it was like finding a treasure. Since Christians are to keep their lives in Christ, I have always feared technology due to where it can lead me. Now I am thankful to you all who allow God to guide you in helping us guide others. God bless you. —Alberto Chávez, Minnesota, U.S.

I have been an E.B. follower for a while, and I would like to say that your materials are very useful. I love the updates that have been made lately, and this has encouraged me to keep more in touch with you. Your materials are complete and varied. Everything that I have received from you has been a blessing. Thanks to God and you, and may God continue to bless you. —Susana Vásquez, Mexico State, Mexico.

Thank you very much. The materials you post every week on this site have been of much help for me. I want to commend you for this work, because it is a great blessing. God bless you in everything you do for His glory. —Gabriel Robles, San Luís Potosí, Mexico

Every work performed with love, and for God’s glory, produces abundant blessings from our Lord. May God continue to bless your ministry…, so the Gospel preaching may go to all the world and every creature. —Jhon Ramirez, Lima, Peru

I am very thankful for the hard work you do with E.B. When I want to study a particular subject or prepare a class for ladies, I go to your site; it has helped me to mature in many ways as a Christian. May God continue to bless you. —Gina Vera, Asunción, Paraguay

Receive my sincere wishes for this project. I have been following this site for years, and I have seen the improvement in design and sections. May God bless you richly and give you the means for this work to continue. —Yobad Sayas, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Brethren, I am very happy for your work; it is edifying and much needed. I have been looking for children’s materials, and what you have is excellent. I had only found denominational materials before, but how much better is to receive material from the Lord’s church... Thanks to all who make this possible. —María Lorenzo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Dear brethren in Christ, I fervently pray for you; may God bless you each moment. There truly was a need for the work you do. I am thankful for the biblical materials which have a great content for the spiritual growth in the Hispanic congregations of the Lord’s church. I am a new subscriber to your site, and since I received your materials, I have been able to give more in-depth Bible lessons to the church. Thanks again. —Ricardo Quijandria, Bolivar, Venezuela

The new site is supremely pleasant and very easy to navigate. I have followed E.B. for a while, and from the three different Web presentations I have seen, this is the best. Thanks for blessing those of us who have the privilege to read your materials. —César Moreno, Medellín, Colombia